Buzzy Bee and Friends

Buzzy Bee & friends - Series 1

TVNZ - Currently screening regularly on TVNZ's Kidzone 24


  No. Episode Title  
Forward quack my ducklings are back 1 Forward quack my ducklings are back   
Memories 2 Memories  
Oscars ups and downs 3 Oscars ups and downs 16 February, 2014
Long day 4 Long day  
Stop that ball 5 Stop that ball  
Shopping day 6 Shopping day  
The Great Race 7 The Great Race  
No sharing 8 No sharing  
Mary Lou's mysterious machine 9 Mary Lou's mysterious machine  
Cry wolf 10 Cry wolf  
Mary Lou's clutter clean-up 11 Mary Lou's clutter clean-up  
All tied up 12 All tied up  
Trikey Tom's surprise 13 Trikey Tom's surprise  
The big din 14 The big din  
Oscar's favourite colour 15 Oscar's favourite colour 11 May, 2014
Ballet on wheels 16 Ballet on wheels  
Oscar saves the day 17 Oscar saves the day  
Driver Don's morning tea 18 Driver Don's morning tea  
A rainy day 19 A rainy day  
Bed monster 20 Bed monster  
Elle's spaghetti 21 Elle's spaghetti  
Fly away ducklings 22 Fly away ducklings  
Moving to the groove 23 Moving to the groove  
Missing you 24 Missing you  
Driver Don's watcha-ma-call-it 25 Driver Don's watcha-ma-call-it  
A Christmas Tale 26 A Christmas Tale  
Special 27 Special  
Flowers 28 Flowers 10 August, 2014
Home away from home 29 Home away from home  
Flags 30 Flags  
Run away teddy bear 31 Run away teddy bear  
Clueless 32 Clueless  
Racing around 33 Racing around  
Sing-along Sunday 34 Sing-along Sunday  
Bedtime story 35 Bedtime story  
Collywobble Warbler 36 Collywobble Warbler  
Daddy's present 37 Daddy's present 12 October, 2014
Tip top topping 38 Tip top topping  
The shadow dragon 39 The shadow dragon  
I won, I won 40 I won, I won  
The Grand Parade 41 The Grand Parade  
Shiver, Shiver, Shake 42 Shiver, Shiver, Shake  
Puzzling Pieces 43 Puzzling Pieces  
The Arrival 44 The Arrival  
A promise 45 A promise  
Shoo away shyness 46 Shoo away shyness  
Homework 47 Homework 21 December, 2014
The magic library book 48 The magic library book 28 December, 2014
Rolling Downs riddle day 49 Rolling Downs riddle day  
Pet rock 50 Pet rock  
Head start 51 Head start  
Favourites 52 Favourites  

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