Buzzy Bee and Friends


About Lion Rock Group

The Company

Lion Rock Ventures Limited (LRV) is a holding company that currently has 33 New Zealand registered shareholders and owns all of the intellectual property associated with New Zealand's iconic pull-along toy, Buzzy Bee as well as the intellectual property associated with the Buzzy Bee & friends brand including the Rolling Downs characters, the Rolling Downs environment, Buzzy's Club and the BBTV/My Studio web and mobile applications.

Subsidiary companies

The Company has four 100% owned subsidiary companies as follows:
Lion Rock Licensing Limited (LRL)
Lion Rock Merchandising Limited (LRM)
Lion Rock Productions LImited (LRP) and
Stage Show LImited (SSL).

LRL - this Company holds various trademarks registered in New Zealand and internationally. LRL has licensed LRM with the rights to use the intellectual property to issue Category Merchandise Licences, Promotional Licences and Territory Merchandise Licences. LRM has issued Category Merchandise Licences in the New Zealand market to SMDesign Limited (for toys, general giftware, clothing and apparel) and to Hachette NZ Limited (for paper based book publishing).

LRM has issued a Category Merchandise Licence to Marker Labs Limited for up to ten interactive electronic books to be marketed in english speaking territories throughout the world. LRL has issued LRP with the rights to use the intellectual property to make and sell recorded audio-visual programmes for distribution to broadcasters.

LRP has sub-licensed part of these rights under it Co-Production Agreement with Lemon Sky Animation (Malaysia). LRP and Lemon Sky Animation have co-produce 52 * 7 minute episodes of Buzzy Bee and friends. LRP has licensed Beyond Distribution (Australia) to distribute this content to broadcasters throughout the world. LRL has licensed SSL with the rights to use the intellectual property to produce audio and audio-visual content for sale to the public in the form of stage shows and concert programmes.

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