Buzzy Bee and Friends


BuzzyBee & friends

Hi, I'm Buzzy Bee - you've probably seen me around. I was created as a wooden toy around seventy years ago and since then I've become world famous!
Well... I pop up everywhere in New Zealand! And I'm slowly starting to spread my wings in other countries too...

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A free story-telling club

Learn to love sharing stories as much as I do.
Watch other kids stories, be creative and make up your own stories.

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A free iOS app

 Download the BBTV/My Studio App from the Apple App store to record your videos. Use BBTV/My Studio to store and share your videos.    

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Classic Buzzy Bee
back in store

A big thanks to all of you who have waited for replacements of your recalled Buzzy Bees.  They are now on their way out to all those who have registered for replacments.
New stock is back in store!!!

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FREE Buzzy Bee episodes

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