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About Buzzy’s Club & Buzzy Bee TV/My Studio for grown-ups

Hello grown-ups! Here is some more detail about Buzzy’s Club so that you can join in the fun and find the resources we’ve created to help your little people learn and grow with Buzzy Bee & friends.

Buzzy’s Club is a secure, closed environment where you can share your child’s first experience of multi-media and access rainy day play activities and other resources which will help you do the most important job in the world.

All of our resources are guided by the principle that children’s play is their most valuable learning experience. Through play, pre-schoolers learn how to reflect and decipher the world around them.

Buzzy Bee & friends supports traditional values such as respect, trust, kindness, feeling a sense of belonging and responsibility, being curious, independent and learning how to manage emotions. Through stories, interactive apps and other resources Buzzy Bee & friends actively encourages children in their development of language and social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills.

Buzzy Bee TV/My Studio is a new app which has been developed to allow pre-schoolers to record their own stories and play moments and share them with selected friends and family. Content is securely stored in the child’s own studio (My Studio) and you get to choose who can view your child’s videos.

With your help, pre-schoolers can also respond to Buzzy’s invitation to share story topics with the wider Buzzy’s Club community. If you opt in to share content with other Buzzy’s Club members - and your video is selected as one of Buzzy’s featured favourites – your child’s video will be able to be viewed within this closed community.

‘Buzzy Bee TV My Studio’ video and sharing app is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Invitees - Sharing with friends and family

As the person in charge you are always in control of who gets to see your child's stories. No-one else can view them. When you invite a friend, they will need to register and then sign in each time to view the videos. You can revoke their access at any stage and they cannot download or view the videos outside of Buzzy Bee TV/My Studio.

Inbox and messaging

Your invited friends and family will be able to send a message back to your child by selecting one of a series of audio message options from the different characters. There is no free text message option.

Facebook and Social Networks

We have provided the option for you to sign up using your Facebook account. This enables you to sign in to Buzzy’s Club using your Facebook username and password, rather than having to remember another unique password.

To make sharing with friends and family as easy as possible, you have the option to choose to share your child’s video stories with any of your Facebook friends (you still get to decide which ones). To protect the child’s privacy you always retain complete control of who views any content filmed through the Buzzy Bee TV/My Studio app.

It is important to understand that we will never post any video or images of your children on Facebook. If you invite one of your Facebook friends to view video stories, they will need to sign in to Buzzy’s Club to see it.

If you don't want to connect your Facebook account to this site, you can access BBTV/MY Studio using a unique Buzzy’s Club username and password.

We hope you enjoy being part of Buzzy’s Club.

Buzzy bye for now!

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