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About BBTV/My Studio

Hi Buzz buddies!

Welcome to BBTV/My Studio. Are you ready to share your stories and be a movie star? I love telling stories and I thought it would be fun if you wanted to use the BBTV/My Studio service and the BBTV/My Studio App to record your stories, and we could make them look like my TV episodes!   

BBTV/My Studio sets you up with your own Studio – a place where you can store your own stories and play moments that you have recorded on your iPhone or iPad and share with your friends and family. BBTV/My Studio is a safe place where you can store your movies and share them. Your grown-ups can decide whether to invite your friends and family into your Studio to see the fantastic movies you’ve made.  They can also choose whether to share them with Buzzy - he might even feature them for other members of Buzzy’s Club to see.

We will also be running competitions and challenges. It’s fun and free! If your grown-up wants to find out more about Buzzy’s Club, click here.

Buzzy bye for now

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