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Q: Why wouldn't I just use You Tube or Facebook to share videos of my children?

A: Firstly, BBTV/My Studio offers an engaging experience for kids and also we ensure security and privacy of your content. Sharing video content securely on social networks is very difficult. We never share your content with anyone other than those that you specify, and you can revoke that permission at any stage.

Q: If I use my Facebook account to sign in, will the videos get posted to Facebook?

A: No, none of the video stories your child creates will ever get posted on Facebook or any of the social networks we support. We just support using your Facebook account so you don't need to remember another password, and to make it easier to chose the friends you want to invite to view stories.

Q: How many children can I load under Manage Child Studios?

A: There is currently no limit as to how many children you can load to record videos for.

Q: What steps do I need to take to send an invite to family & friends?

A: Firstly, you must be registered with Buzzy's Club - then go to Buzzy's Club home page and add a child via Set Up Child Studios.  Add or edit friends or family for each child.

If you are logged in using Facebook you can invite your friends on Facebook or enter their email addresses. Invites will be emailed to the specified people as soon as you add them!

On your iOS device, go to your child's studio and record a video!

Q: How many friends can I invite to view my child's videos?

A: Currently, there is no limit as to how many invitees you can load and invite to view videos.

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