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BBTV/My Studio

BBTV/My Studio is a unique part of Buzzy's Club made up of both the BBTV/My Studio App that lets you record videos and the BBTV/My Studio service that lets you store videos in your own studio and share them with selected friends and family.

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Existing Buzzy's Club member? Record Video

Information for Parents and Caregivers.

Create your own Studio at Buzzy's Club where you can store your own stories and news, it’s easy peasy! You pick your favourite character to help decorate your studio.  Download the BBTV/My Studio App to record your video, and we’ll make it look way cool (like one of my TV episodes) before we send it out.

By simply pressing one can share your stories with your family and friends. They can then send you back a message to tell you how amazing you are.

The person in charge decides who gets to see your stories, and no-one else can see them...except if they elect to share them with me to feature for Buzzy's Club members... All your video stories are backed up and completely secure but available on all your computers, tablets and phones.

Once you've joined Buzzy's Club and set up your studio you can download the BBTV/My Studio App from the Apple App store to record videos on iPhones and iPads.

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