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About Buzzy's Club

Hi I’m Buzzy Bee and I have just started Buzzy’s Club for all my friends. We’d love you to join us. Buzzy’s Club is a special place where you will be encouraged to use your imagination, make up fun stories and be the star of your own movies.  You can also find fun activities and games and enter cool competitions.

You can have your own studio by using the free BBTV/My Studio app to make movies about your own stories and play moments. Your special grown-ups can even help you share your story videos with family and friends!

You can choose your favourite Buzzy Bee friend to help you make a movie. Dorable Duck, Elle-Gator and the others just love hearing about your adventures – and listening to songs, jokes and fun.

We keep all your movies safe at BBTV/My Studio so you can go back and play them as many times as you like. Tell your grown-ups that no-one else can see your movies unless you really want them to!

We can’t wait to hear your stories! Remember to look for all the fun resources and activities that help you learn and grow. You can do these at home and then show us on BBTV!

Happy filming – Buzzy bye for now.

Parents, please visit our Parents Room to find out more about Buzzy's Club, FAQ's, Privacy and more.

Join the Club now by clicking here to register.


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